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Whether it is your CRM system, a direct marketing program, a customer analysis project, a data hygiene issue, or a distribution program, the locations where your customers are found is a primary consideration.  Every company has a need for location information.  The question is whether it is a useful and well maintained "domain" within your company.

A domain is a territory over which control is exercised.  It is a realm of authority.  A Location Domain is where the authoritative information about the geography in which the company operates is held. Most company Customer Information Systems contain duplicate, inaccurate and out of date information about customers and potential customer locations.

Willowbend's location information can create a "location domain" in your organization by poviding you the option of either simply utilizing our cloud-based information to become your Location Domain or utilizing our web APIs and web interfaces to connect to us to update your information 

"We're Not In Kansas Anymore Toto"

Forget what ever you thought about identifying location and address information.  No longer can companies rely on a phone number to identify a customers location.  No longer can companies afford the inefficiency of carrying 3 or 4 addresses for a customer in their systems -- which can result in misdirected promotion and order fulfillment.  Customers can be based anywhere and by using an internet phone service or a cell phone their area code no longer identifies their location.  Incorrectly addressed promotions and fulfillment results in wasted money and unhappy customers.

It is not even enough to just know the location of your existing customer base.  In 1545 William Turner wrote an expression that is a staple of marketing thought today.  "Birds of  a feather flock together."  Access to all the potential customer locations in close proximity to your existing customers is a basic tried and proven lead generation principle. 

Companies large and small are working to create "Gold Standards" for the information to which they have access.  In most cases, the “domains” are based on proprietary company data, such as for a Customer or Account DomainHowever, in one “domain” rarely does the enterprise have sufficient data and data maintenance to develop a complete "Gold Standard" data set.  That is the "Location Domain".

The Willowbend Location Domain offers solutions in one place.  You do not need to go one place for address verification and another to access information to use in planning and analysis.  It is all here in one place.

Willowbend's Cloud Based Location Domain Access

Access to the Willowbend Location Domain is from either web based API's or from the ready to use interfaces accessible in The Location Domain interface.  If you are integrating location into your enterprise environment then look at our extensive Web API's that are ready for use.  No need to develop your own ETL.  If you want to access the Location Domain on a project by project basis, then use the ready to access interfaces available on this web site.

If you want to test and examine the Location Domain offerings first hand, create an account from the Access the Domain link on this page and we will provide you with access to test how your needs would be met by using the domain.

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