Willowbend–delivering best in class applied address data and direct marketing services since 1988.


When the company started, the focus was on building address data and delivery routing systems for newspapers. Willowbend has expanded its “Location Domain” services into a variety of different industries where having accurate data about the location of customers, prospects, suppliers and physical operations matter.


Willowbend helps companies take the next step in building a solid Location Domain as part of their overall Strategic Data Assets that can impact many aspects of a company’s operations. These advanced Location Domain solutions are then utilized to create a master data management system that is applied in operations, traditional marketing programs and digital marketing.



Willowbend is about applied address data analytics, from building to enhancing existing data assets, providing analysis and support, to developing and executing marketing campaigns.


At the heart of Willowbend is our total focus on customer satisfaction. Willowbend relies on three pillars of strength to deliver on our mission to satisfy our customer’s needs:


The first pillar is our ownership of a proprietary residential and business address file covering the United States containing more than 175 million locations, geocoded, demographically appended, and continuously updated.


The second pillar is our solid bench of experienced marketing professionals. Willowbend is able to bring our expertise to research and perform best in class address analysis, data hygiene, targeting, direct media executions, and campaign performance metrics.


The third pillar is the value we offer our customers in terms of making our services affordable in our relentless pursuit to drive value for our clients in every facet of their organization.



It seems like many companies today say they are “data centric.” Generally, they have a database of practically “everything” related to their business. If it is a location data set, this usually means a collection of address information from current customers, past customers, and addresses that no one is really sure how they got into the database, or have come from a variety of input sources. Unfortunately, these data sets are full of duplicates, bad records, unusable records, invalid locations and more. Frankly – garbage!
After we clean up this data, Willowbend provides the research and analysis to identify the physical location of customers, prospects and suppliers, based on the goals and objectives of the client. Then, moving forward, Willowbend develops the best internal processes to keep that data accurate.
Services Provided:

• Data as a service (DAAS)

• Direct Marketing

• Distribution

• Applied Geo-Analytics