Agency and Marketing Services by Willowbend

Direct Mail


Willowbend has been providing direct mail services for over 30 years. Our experience runs deep, having worked with the USPS during the initial development of their CDS system.

Our clients enjoy knowing that by starting with accurate list data, they will receive the best rate available from the post office. Savings continue with turn-key production, along with peace of mind, that their mailing goes out on time.

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Door hanger printing, delivery, and verification from one source. We handle everything for you to be able to utilize this powerful media. Door hanger results surpass most other media in terms of response performance.


We locate every delivery address on customer route maps for our delivery agents and track progress and completion to provide you with reliable service available anywhere in the US.

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Direct Digital Marketing

Using our “Location Domain” as the foundation, we process every email provided through numerous systems to identify–where commercially reasonable–email addresses that are:

  1. Free from duplication.
  2. Not identified as spam, honeypots, or typo domain traps.

Although append rates can vary, we generally see anywhere from 35% to 55%.

We can provide expert advice on how to comply with email regulations, and even execute your campaign for you.

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