Your address data is both an operational and strategic asset… and it requires maintenance

Customer and supplier address information ages and become obsolete in just a few months leading to increased operational costs and strategic marketing errors

How about a free checkup on your address data?

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Returned Mail is Expensive

Wasted postage and redelivery is costly

Where do your customers live anyway?

Promoting in the wrong geography is useless

Your free checkup includes:

  • The number of addresses you provide
  • The number of addresses that are Mailable
  • The number of vacant addresses
  • The number of addresses that are valid, but do not receive mail
  • The number of addresses that are duplicates

Interested in more? At extra cost we can determine:

  • Who has moved in the last 48 months
  • What is the gender of the names with your addresses
  • The longitude and latitude of each address
  • The deceased or incarcerated in your file┬á
  • The addresses that are on the national Do Not Mail list

Stop bad addresses from entering your systems?

Ask us about our web API’s and batch processing programs